How Things Work

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Technology at GHA is learning how stuff works. From kindergarten through fifth grade we use physical and virtual tools to solve problems and express creativity. Students explore simple machines and their interactions, relevant rudiments of science, and fundamentals of computer programming such as logic, flow of control, and I/O using the Scratch programming language developed at MIT. We offer a safe environment in which to investigate and remove hesitancy about complex mechanisms and the concepts that underpin them.

For instance, after long-term inquiries into machines like the lever, wheel, pulley and other day-to-day objects, understanding electricity, and the chemistry and physics of common reactions, fifth grade culminates in a deep dive into how automobiles work. The students comprehend how each part of the machinery interacts and typically discern the entire operation with only modest direction. Their expressions of realization and excitement are incredibly rewarding and open up countless further questions; we complete the unit by safely changing a tire on an actual vehicle!

Graduates of the GHA technology program are uniquely and abundantly equipped for middle school curriculums and beyond. Their excitement for discovery branches into future exploration and potential careers in the sciences and engineering. They are imparted real-world practical skills and confidence to make things work, no matter what object or problem.

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