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Financial Aid at GHA

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Financial aid is available to any student entering Kindergarten to Fifth Grade who attends Gig Harbor Academy. GHA works with an external third-party organization that evaluates the individual financial needs of each family that applies. The financial aid process is held in strict confidentiality. Former applicants describe their experience, stating: “The assistance process was administered fairly, and the committee listened to our story and worked with us to find a solution that worked with our current financial situation.”

At A Glance


Student Receive Financial Aid


Total Awarded in Aid


Average Aid Award

Tuition for the 2024/25 school year

Morning Preschool: $4,700 – $7,000, depending on two or three days/week

Full-Day Preschool: $12,500

Afternoon Pre-K: $7,700

Full-Day Pre-K: $14,400

Kindergarten to Fifth Grade: $17,400

The Details

Financial Aid

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Gig Harbor Academy endeavors to maintain similar levels of funding each year, but its ability to award specific tuition support is impacted by the number of families applying for assistance. While GHA attempts to grant consistent awards each year, families must apply annually for tuition assistance. An award received in a prior year does not guarantee the same level or additional awards in future years. However, if the family demonstrates financial need, the school will continue to attempt to meet that need. Currently enrolled financial aid applicants are given first priority. Current families in the school but new to financial aid are considered next, followed by newly enrolling Kindergarten to Fifth Grade families.

You will be prompted to enter a Blackbaud School ID number, which is 15196. There is a $45 Blackbaud Financial Aid Application fee. Please direct any questions to Gig Harbor Academy Business Manager, Stephanie Redden.