Head of School Welcome

Head of School Welcome Letter

Welcome to Gig Harbor Academy!

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We are thrilled for your interest in Gig Harbor Academy and invite you to visit and get to know our learning community. Our 10-acre campus features towering trees that provide a resting place for our school mascot, the Eagle, and are illustrative of the expansive thinking we hope to foster within our learners. Using our campus as a guide for deepening instruction, we offer an unparalleled educational experience for preschool and elementary students.

Gig Harbor Academy students benefit from an education beyond the classroom. Through our place-based learning approach, students receive a stellar academic foundation and experience a deeper sense of understanding in a way that is inextricably connected to physical place and active, hands-on discovery. We boast an esteemed collection of teachers, passionate about their craft and committed to ongoing development, as we partner with families to help every child realize their fullest potential. On any given day, you may encounter students huddled around a STEM challenge, rehearsing a harmony, examining the wetlands trail, putting the final touches an artistic masterpiece, or finessing a Spanish phrase. Our vast specialist offerings compliment and often intersect with the core content areas, ensuring students have a comprehensive educational foundation.

We have set an intentional culture at the school where students learn to take care of themselves, each other, and this place. We are an inclusive community that is welcoming of all families, no matter their family structure, background, religion, or any other quality. To experience this sense of belonging and to fully understand what we do here at GHA, you really must come down to campus to visit. Please reach out and schedule your tour now. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

“Amazing communication between GHA teachers and staff members and the children, in part facilitated by great teacher/student ratio and also because the teachers and staff seem to really like their jobs, the kids and the GHA community. The teachers get to know the children’s families and lifestyles. I don’t think my kids could feel safer while at the same time being challenged and encouraged to grow.”

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