A Love for Language

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Recognizing the unique ability of young learners to both acquire language and develop early understandings of diversity, Spanish instruction begins in preschool and continues through elementary. Students are drawn into an engaging, active, and developmentally responsive discovery of Spanish language and Hispanic cultural significances and contributions.

Great intention is put into cultivating a fun and interactive learning environment so that students associate the experience of learning about language and culture with fondness. Walk by a Spanish session at GHA, and the room will be humming with music, games, conversation, and movement. An emphasis is placed on developing skills that transfer into real world application. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized attention and encouragement, as students are guided toward a lifelong love of learning Spanish.

Aligned with the experiential philosophy of learning that GHA upholds as a school, students enjoy a variety of projects in Spanish. Upper elementary students apply research and technological skills to create and share a multi-media presentation about a Hispanic country. Fusing Art and Science with Spanish, preschool through elementary students have learned about the migration of monarch butterflies through Central Mexico, culminating with an artistic exhibition to coincide with Dia de Los Muertos. A longstanding GHA tradition, families are invited every spring to attend the Global Hispanic Fiesta, a celebration that integrates food, dramatic and musical performances, fútbol, and more. These collective experiences set Gig Harbor Academy graduates apart as they pursue Foreign Language in middle school and interact as global citizens in the world.

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