Physical Education

Physical Education

Exercise the Mind

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Physical Education at Gig Harbor Academy is tailored to spark student interest and a love of fitness for a lifetime. Students encounter an array of diverse physical education experiences, including individual conditioning and team sports, with an emphasis on nurturing positive sportsmanship and active participation. The cooperative and competitive nature of sports presents an incredible opportunity to build community and character in our students. Recognizing that each student brings a different level of confidence and experience to any given activity, purposeful effort is given to creating a safe environment where each student can realize their fullest potential.

PE classes are structured to meet the developmental needs of our youngest to oldest students, attending to gross motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, and stamina, among other areas. Aligned with our schoolwide emphasis on being outdoors, PE primarily takes place on our field, blacktop, trails, and under the pavilion year-round. GHA families quickly learn the value of weather-ready layers and shoes! As students progress through elementary school, they will enjoy soccer, baseball, flag football, kickball, basketball, and scoop ball in the open air. Mindfulness and yoga exercises are also integrated into the program, as we seek to promote wellness within our students comprehensively.

The school year culminates with Field Day, a highly anticipated school-wide event that families are encouraged to participate in. Relay races, water sports, carnival-style games, obstacle courses, and the rock wall utilize our expansive campus and keep GHA students on the move! The teacher vs. student tug-of-war often invokes nostalgia in the adult onlookers and participants and caps off a wonderful celebration of physical activity.

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