Ken Johnson

Facilities Manager

Ken Johnson grew up in Key Peninsula and began his first business at the age of ten selling bonsai trees at local farmers markets. After graduating high school, Ken started working at Costco Wholesale and soon became the youngest member of the outside marketing team, and within a year was featured in the corporate magazine Costco Today for his customer service. In 2012 Ken was given the opportunity to combine his love of technology with his passion for working with the public when he signed his first contract and began working on a Special Collects Team with Google Maps. This project allowed Ken to travel and collaborate with a team to develop high quality virtual tours of well know public interest points, such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Seattle Space Needle, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Ken has been able to continue expanding his abilities by branching into film production as production assistant for Jumpshot Films. Relevant previous work experiences include precision machining and manufacturing.

Mr. Ken’s Favorites

GHA Tradition: Spring clean and volunteer work party days

Neighborhood Spot: Costco

Outdoor Activity: Cooking

Place to Read: The tallest point in the area

Childhood Memory: Swimming in the Sound