Kathie Morman

Pre-K Teacher

Kathie Morman joined Gig Harbor Academy in 2021 and brings over 20 years of experience and enthusiasm for teaching early childhood education. Kathie creates and implements a purposeful, age-appropriate curriculum, incorporating diverse and hands-on materials, while helping children thrive in new educational environments. Kathie’s goal is that each child would feel valued, supported, listened to, and empowered to be their best self. Kathie is an outdoor enthusiast who loves gardening, hiking, and finding any reason to enjoy nature.

Miss Kathie’s Favorites

GHA Tradition: The Color Run and Fall Festival

Neighborhood Spot: I live in Puyallup. My favorite spot is the Starbucks next to the fairgrounds

Outdoor Activity: Hiking in the woods

Place to Read: Curled up on my porch swing

Childhood Memory: Christmas Day every year. It was always spent with extended family on both my mom’s and dad’s sides of the family. I loved seeing all of my cousins