A Love for Art

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Art Class at Gig Harbor Academy has been designed to integrate art production, history, analysis, and aesthetics so that students receive a well-rounded introduction to a strong art education. In a purposeful yet relaxed atmosphere, students enjoy their creative freedom while learning about the artistic discipline needed to form a meaningful experience. Art class is a wonderful place to explore possibilities, develop ideas, and enhance one’s expressive potential. Materials and methods include drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media; all of which are executed with an array of techniques. In addition, students learn the “language of art” so that they may understand and talk about art with increasing confidence and knowledge each year.

Gig Harbor Academy’s art program provides a strong foundation in visual art so that students will be more than ready for their middle school art classes. Creative brainstorming, art production, cultural and historical relevance, artistic analysis, and art appreciation all contribute to the overall success of a Gig Harbor Academy graduate. Our students get to experience the joy of discovering the world of art by being inspired, openly creative, skillfully artistic – and taking that with them for the rest of their lives!

Every school year culminates with a public art exhibit, in which students select pieces that they want to showcase to the wider Gig Harbor community. The children enjoy being recognized – as artists do! – and it is not uncommon for GHA Alumni to show their support at the event, as pictured here. We thank the Gig Harbor Civic Center and the Harbor History Museum for proudly displaying GHA artwork.

Paint Creations

Messy Beautiful Butterflies

Integrating Spanish and science, the entire school collaborated to create a monarch butterfly art display.

A Self Portrait

Art & Community

A GHA Early Childhood art exhibit exploring “identity” on display at the Harbor History Museum.


Creating & Learning

The first words students hear as they enter the studio is “Welcome, Artists,” and they are upheld as such as they learn and create together.


Creative Expression

Every K-5 student develops an entire portfolio of artwork over the year, showcasing their favorite pieces at the GHA Art Show in downtown Gig Harbor.

Meet the Art Teacher