Carrie Cherek

5th Grade Teacher

Carrie Cherek received her MA in Education and BA in English from Austin College and has been a passionate educator for over 20 years in public, international, and private schools. With experience as a Learning Specialist, her homeroom teaching positions have been in second, third, and fourth grade. She seeks to build strong relationships with her students and collaborate with families and colleagues to create an engaging learning environment where every child feels valued, inspired, and confident. Moving from Texas to the Pacific Northwest, she is still in awe of the trees and beauty of Washington and is excited about using our campus for outdoor learning.

Ms. Cherek’s Favorites

GHA Tradition: The Color Run

Neighborhood Spot: Walking around or having a meal on the downtown waterfront. I also like taking my two dogs to the McCormick Dog Park.

Outdoor Activity: Hiking and camping. I love discovering a new trail or sitting by a fire under the stars.

Favorite Place to Read: In our classroom, reading to the class while sitting in my great grandma’s rocking chair, the very same chair where my mom would read to me. At home, I love reading on my back porch with my dogs curled up next to me.

Childhood Memory: Reading with my mom and dad, playing outside with my siblings, and painting with my grandma.