Our Unique Setting

Throughout the school year, the Gig Harbor Academy campus comes to life in so many ways. One of the great advantages of being located on ten acres of natural surroundings is the ability to utilize them for work and play. Students are often seen exploring the wetlands, taking photos of foliage to research on the iPads. The archeological dig site is used to teach the students about fossil discovery and recognition. A newly installed greenhouse on the property is being put to good use, as is Fourth and Fifft Grade's edible garden, which they tend to throughout the year. The play field is not only used for P.E. classes, but also the sight of Field Day, enjoyed by all the grades, and the ever popular Back to School Picnic. Halloween sees the campus come alive for the first big parent volunteer group event, in which carved pumpkins line the drive, ushering in Fall. The playground, used primarily for recess, has two play structures, a swing set and various nature-based structures including a fort, dry creek bed, boat, wood-rounds circuit, and tightrope through the trees.


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