2016/17 Annual Project Fund

This year, Gig Harbor Academy celebrates a milestone of 40 years of providing exceptional education in a natural setting. For as unique as our campus environment is, a multi-purpose Outdoor Classroom Pavilion would further benefit the entire GHA community in a variety of ways. This 40th year, we will be raising funds toward such a structure. The resulting structure will feature honored donors on a prominently displayed legacy wall, highlighting the tremendous support and dedication the community has for the school. As part of the campaign, vignettes will be shared from past and present members of the GHA community answering the question, “What do you most treasure about Gig Harbor Academy?”. With this campaign, it is our hope to truly capture the legacy that spanned the last 40 years and lays the groundwork for the years to come.

The campaign begins in September and runs through December, though donations are gratefully accepted year round. As the school celebrates its 40th year, our goal is $40,000 for the structure, with funds raised in excess being used to enrich current programs and develop new programs to enhance the educational experience for all children.

It is our goal to acknowledge those in our community that built the foundation of the school, the people who are making it what it is today, and those that see the vision for the years to come. This year’s campaign celebrates our past, present, and future.  Thank you for being part of the Gig Harbor Academy legacy.

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“The farther back you look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” --Winston Churchill